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To everyone, Happy Holidays & an even Happier New Year! :heart: :heart:

Thank you all for being loyal friends & fans of my work, &, to the anonymous benefactor who gifted me with a 1-months CORE membership, a VERY special THANK YOU! :huggle: 

Keep on fancying. :aww: 


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Long live Art!
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current residence: Midgard
Favourite genre of music: Electronic, Dubstep
Favourite style of art: Gothic, Baroque
Operating system: Windows 2380 The Next Generation
Personal quotes:
Life is rarely fair ~ Data
Freedom is life's great lie ~ Loki

Find some of my work available on S6 as prints, cases & skins, clocks & totes & other items:

More items like coasters, mousepads or keyrings & even jigsaws are now available in my Zippi store:…

I'm on Tumblr where I post new work most of the time:

Facebook, which gets updated on a regular base:…

I'm also on Twitter now where new work will be posted:

Repin my work from here:…

Disclaimer, all my artwork is created without infringement intended to the original copyright holders it may be based on, referenced or derived from. I'm the sole creator & owner of what is posted here, Admiral DeMoy, or DeMoy only. No altering/use/reproduction or profit-making of my digital artwork allowed in any form without permission. No manips may be altered/used in any form anywhere without permission, reproduced or made profit from. If posting anywhere, AS IS ONLY. Thanks.

If you think you can just use my work for your own purposes or profit no matter how or where, expect a DMCA takedown notice. I will no longer give warnings after too many delusional excuses, abusive & same old BS justifications, especially coming from Tumblr & FB fan pages. I ALONE decide what may be done with my work, or how/that it should be credit/linked & properly tagged/represented.

All my manips are done in Corel PaintShop Pro X4/5, (some older ones in PhotoStudio) all my original work in Corel Painter 11/12 (some older ones in PhotoStudio), it is not photoshopped or made with effects/filters, as typically found in Adobe CS that convert any image into certain art styles within mere minutes. So called 'oil paintings' e.g., or photos edited with app filters.

In case you feel the need to accuse me too of 'faking', go ahead & try to recreate any of the works with any variety filters/effects & whatnot ONLY you think can recreate them as I painted them. You will fail. So don't bother coming on ANY my pages & spew BS you cannot ever prove. You will be blocked immediately & reported for harassment. If need be a case for defamation may be filed. I will not waste my breath on nonsense any longer.

In fact, there're so many fake pieces flying around on Tumblr most of all now, many without proper tagging (& once reblogged/posted somewhere else all tags are lost) & ppl think it's actually painted. No wonder some simply assume all artists cheat with filters & whatnot these days just because their work looks very photorealistic or is of a certain style, basically deny them their great skills. Might just be envy for all I care. I also blame the (not even cheap) software enabling them. Ignorant fakers like that give true artists a bad name while harvesting all the praise, because it does indeed look 'perfect' & many aren't quite 'as' skilled. No one can compete with a 'perfect' computer program creating 'perfect art'.

The result is that it becomes evermore difficult to defend your own work that took many hrs/days to create, not seconds with a few clicks, to overzealous 'fake-art' crusaders who cannot tell it apart anymore, & hardly gets any attention. Some in fact were bullied so badly that they had to close down their DA & blogs or disable comments, for all the mindless hate they received.

Another thing that's really annoying & makes matters inevitably even worse is that many (not only fans) in fact don't care if it's real or fake digi art even if pointed out/proven - as long as they like it & looks 'oh so awesome' - in effect thoughtlessly contributing to the fakers getting away AND undeserved attention & feedback & with actual artists getting little or in fact abuse. Thanks for that.

Please note, I have no time for Loki/Tom et al commissions atm, & I don't do free requests anymore.

Everyone who respects me & my work & gives due credit, thank you. And no, 'credit to artist', or 'credit on image', won't do w/o proper naming & source-linking for others to find the original art/ists. On Tumblr it is in fact against rules not to. No one bothers to re/search a name on works that sometimes isn't even legible enough to make out & therefore find. It's a lazy cop-out & not everyone knows how to do reverse image search to find it regardless.

Final note, as of November 2015 I closed my account with Redbubble after they pulled not only all Marvel-based characters featured there, but non-MCU Loki work of mine, stating it was Disney property, like the two white-haired Lokis based on Legolas & Thranduil e.g., when they are certainly not Marvel/Disney owned in any form. I will not stand for such arbitrary discrimination that had little to do with Disney or Marvel in fact. Some of my non-Marvel originated Loki work & other characters are available on S6 & Zippi. All Marvel-based Loki work will be replaced in cleaned up/reworked form & made available on S6 for all products soon. If you want a work not anymore/yet featured there, let me know & I'll add it as needed.

Keep on fancying. :aww:

My other old purple Data/Lore work below:


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If you have time come look my gallery. ;) :) UwU
IceCrystalTheAlicorn Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Student General Artist
I now follow you. I expect greatness from you.
AdmiralDeMoy Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I'll try my best! :aww: Thanks for the follow & more faves! :huggle: 
IceCrystalTheAlicorn Featured By Owner May 18, 2016  Student General Artist
You're welcome!
AdmiralDeMoy Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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