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April 23, 2013
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Loki - The Dark World I by AdmiralDeMoy Loki - The Dark World I by AdmiralDeMoy
When do we start? 

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The way he says that in that almost seductive/mocking tone, can be interpreted in many ways, or even what exactly he means. Does this 'when' refer to Thor's, ''when' you betray me, I will kill you'? Or to, let's get it over it with then, 'start', & kill me now. Or, when do we start to team up, for me to help you? Bad enough he expects him TO betray him. Loki is like a double-edged sword, he cuts (with) both sides, without cutting himself, or indeed make it appear he has, to plot some more. Of course he could say that to someone else entirely, or on a different occasion, or even in a different place & this is not his cell at all. Trailer editing is notoriously misdirecting.

Now with the official trailer for Thor The Dark World finally released, the mere seconds of Loki sitting in his large glass cell - another one - uttering cited quotation, clad in ripped & perhaps even bloodied rags, finally however confirm to a legion of fans just how long his hair will be. I for one was spot-on several times ever since I started posting my long-haired Lokis, & even Toms last year, & I couldn't be more elated. And of course had to paint at least one of the screenshots I took.

This time I didn't need to improvise on how long his hair would be or leave out a stubble (thank gods he is clean-shaven!). Though, unlike before, it's not brushed back but fallen into his face, which makes him look far more feminine & soft-featured. No doubt the very opposite of how he feels. Recreating the ripped shirt was nothing short of a messy colour & brush battle to make it look like rough fabric in not too accurate strokes though it looks far too soft & messy. But hey, it matches his soft & messy hair, hahaha. I added a bit more shadow & as usual some highlights to lend it more contrast & vibrancy, & gave him bright green eyes, to go with the green rags.

I was tempted to make them look neater, but I refrained from that, since he's obviously in a cell & the torn condition of his flimsy clothes bring home the fact that after a year of imprisonment they had either turned like that from general wear & tear, or indeed suffered abuse, if not even torture. There are other explanations, but looking at the generally 'tidy' state of the cell, with a table, some books & a carafe neatly placed on it, it's rather odd to not provide new clothes, or at least prison issue every now & then. But then again he most certainly is not an ordinary 'prisoner', locked away from everyone - like a stolen relic indeed, until they might have 'use' of him. Funny it should be Thor to call on his help. I guess we'll have to wait another half year to find out why he looks so bedraggled.

One thing I've noticed, though, & painted in as too obvious, he seems to have abrasions on at least one knuckle & joint on his left hand. Dark World is set over a year after Avengers so they can never be from his Hulk-smash encounter, he's healing for more rapidly than that. So, unless it's from some abuse, has Loki been punching glass cages again in rage? It's said that there's a scene in the film where he goes berserk & screams & shouts like a madman (probably on the news that Frigga was killed, the one person he trusted & truly loved him & no doubt could not attend her funeral). The teaser made Loki out to look a defeated/calm/sneering badass in this scene but the magic of editing & misdirection is definitely at work here. You only need to scrutinise his 'shirt'. Why does it looks so shredded? Are the stains (I didn't add) dried blood or something else? And if so, what caused them? The possibilities are endless & he might in fact have escaped, was been recaptured & perhaps injured, hence his messy state. How did Tom put it, all will be revealed in good time.

Note, this is a cleaned-up/retouched edit as of September 2013 of my original digital painting, & with a more visible name in white replacing the black lettering, after this particular piece was messed with more than any other by so called 'fans' who have no respect for others' work. My Tumblr still shows the old version, from which it can be reblogged:…

Feel free to download, use as wallpaper etc., for your personal use ONLY - AS IS. DO give credit & link back to this source if posting on blogs etc. Please do NOT alter/use etc. in any form anywhere without permission. DO NOT save/use/post/alter etc. any images found in my shops, they're for sales purposes only & constitutes copyright violation doing so. They're both invisibly & visibly marked/signed too. 

Copyright by DeMoy 2013 All rights reserved.
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AndreaAdaway Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
Another beauty, but so sad.  As we discussed elsewhere I believe those abrasions may have something to do with the marks/and I believe blood stains on the walls.  The poor man had I think, been punching the walls.  We now know that there was a scene shot, but never used of him SCREAMING in his cell.  Whether caused by Frigga's death, or the imminent mental meltdown I guess we will never know. 

Once again a very evocative piece!
AdmiralDeMoy Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I think he literally went up the walls in his rage & grief, clawed himself into a breakdown, no doubt over her loss, & that he of course could not say farewell.

Not sure if I said that to you too, since I chat with others about Loki & scenes & stuff, but I believe in that scene here, the 'scream' in particular might have been rather Tom getting into character for it & all we saw was the aftermath, that's why it wasn't in the film. And it actually doesn't really fit, since then the shock/surprise effect/factor of his breakdown/revelation to Thor/us had entirely failed. 

And they must have filmed it twice, since in one set of shots the walls are in fact not dirtied, & there are two different screams from the same angle, with his sleeves are up or down, of which the second was only in the Japanese trailer. 

There's also different 'slipper' footage when he mocks Thor, one with his hair like this in clean prison outfit, & the other neatly done back as seen in the Frigga visitation scene. 

Funny how we all theorised about the brown stains on his shirt from the very first trailer footage, this, when it was in fact the forcefield patterns no one knew of then, since it was seen from outside his cell, (filmed) through the red/shimmering barrier. 

Thanks for faving evocative Loki! 
LandNarwals Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work!
AdmiralDeMoy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly! :love: And for faving it! :hug: 
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Lokifoxx Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
gj, but he was better in thor one
AdmiralDeMoy Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Not quite sure what you mean. :hmm: 
Lokifoxx Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist


thor 1: smart calm slightly tricky thoughtful sad (me AWSOME! XD)

avenegers: Still smart :p Totally tricky, weirdly happy/sad(or so it seems) looks weird and waaaaaaay more uhhh Confident? mentalist? not his old self ;( but still cool crazed? I mean c'mon he said quim IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN (look it up)

thor 2: (based on all known facts) looks slightly like a girl uhhhhh 0. o lost that sad look and uh Mental? 

AdmiralDeMoy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh I see. :XD: 

Well, since I now know the entire TDW plot, mental & sad & smart & tricky & happy - all of it - might just be correct. But I LOVE the long hair! 
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